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PMO Overview

We can help you develop a comprehensive overview of all your active programs, crafting a master schedule, and managing resources effectively.

How we can help

Master Schedule

Develop master schedules that seamlessly incorporate all active programs or large-scale individual programs broken down into sub-projects.

Risk Management

Proactively identify and address potential risks, implementing tailored mitigation strategies to minimize impact and safeguard project success.


Implement robust monitoring systems to track project performance against key metrics and deliver regular, insightful reports to stakeholders, enabling informed decision-making.

Process overview



Start with an in-depth consultation to gather insights into your organizational needs, followed by the creation of a tailored PMO strategy that encompasses master scheduling, resource management, and risk mitigation.



Implement the PMO strategy by setting up essential systems and processes, and conduct comprehensive training sessions to ensure your team is well-prepared and the transition is seamless.



Continuously monitor the performance of the PMO functions, applying regular adjustments and enhancements based on ongoing feedback and performance metrics to drive sustained improvement.

Why choose us


Receive a PMO strategy that is custom-tailored to fit your organisational goals and project demands, ensuring solutions that are not only effective but perfectly aligned with your needs.


Benefit from our full-spectrum support that extends beyond implementation, including comprehensive training and ongoing optimization to ensure your PMO continues to evolve and succeed.


Benefit from our 20+ years of experience delivering project success across organisations of all sizes.​


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Other Training Options

Explore more paths: find the perfect training to match your project goals

Open Enrollment Online Introduction to Project Professional​

Begin or refresh: ideal for individuals, newcomers, or as a refresher to master project management basics

Tailored Microsoft Project Professional Training​ (online or onsite)​

Your requirements, our expertise: customised training to enhance your team’s skills for on-time delivery, every time

One-Day Microsoft Project Professional Essentials (online or onsite)​

Begin with the basics: an introductory course for newcomers to master project management fundamentals

Two-Day Microsoft Project Professional Comprehensive (online or onsite)​

Expand your expertise: from basic to advanced, a comprehensive exploration of MS Project

Construction Project Mastery with Microsoft Project Professional (online or onsite)

Program excellence: streamline your construction programs, status jobs accurately, and ensure on-site efficiency

Government Project Management with Microsoft Project Professional (online or onsite)​

Governance and compliance: leverage Microsoft Project for enhanced project oversight and public accountability

IT Project Management with Microsoft Project Professional (online or onsite)

Agile execution: empower your IT projects with agile planning and Microsoft Project integration for peak efficiency

Tailored Project for the Web Training (online or onsite)​

Tailored for transformation: customised training on cloud-based tools for your specific project needs

Open Enrollment Online Introduction to Project for the Web​​

Embrace the future: explore cloud-based project management with our open enrollment course